Steadfast is a boutique law firm

Steadfast exclusively focuses on financial law. Financial law includes both banking- and securities law.


Steadfast is specialised in contract drafting and negotiating. Steadfast is well at home with client agreements, custody, clearing, prime brokerage, asset management, derivatives and load agreements , including the main market standards such as the GMSLA, GMRA, ISDA, and LMA documentation.

Steadfast renders advice and litigates on behalf of its clients with respect to the application of securities laws, including:
- the Wet op het financieel toezicht ( Netherlands law financial supervision act)
- Mifid;
Steadfast renders advise with respect to new enterprises, projects, services and products on the financial market.


Clients of Steadfast are banks, brokers, proprietary traders, pension funds, investment funds, energy traders and other organisations that are active on the financial markets